and the lightning strikes

Lightning photo over Amarillo, Texas

lightning photo over Red River NM.

When I started in photography, lightning photos became one of my first obsessions. I live in west Texas where severe thunderstorms are common place during the spring.

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the dancer


I figured that I need to put some older work up on the blog now and again.  For no other reason then some of my favorite shots are several years old and I’m looking for an excuse to show them off a bit.  This image is from 2009.


a thought on creativity

aaa_1009I consider myself a creative person and that aspect of photography is what draws me in and keeps me going.  My favorite projects are those that start with “we have this story(most of my work, especially the more creative projects are editorial) and we would like your ideas on photos”.  My brain starts turning and I know I am about to get obsessed with a project.  Even more significantly I know I will likely be going into the photo shoot with a clear vision of the final result.  That’s not to say that the photo always ends up exactly as I have imagined as many don’t.  But what the photo will convey is pretty clear.  Most of my favorite images started this way.  Unfortunately, not all situations are so free.  Circumstances exist that can siphon that creativity. Continue reading

the soldier

Editorial Photoshoot
Photo shoot for Amarillo Magazine

Here is an image I am really proud of.  The article describes Tousha Barnes and her adjustment to civilian life after deployment to Afghanistan, the struggles she faced and how those struggles helped her to identify a need.  She now works with veterans through the VA outreach center helping others make that difficult transition.  I wanted the image to convey this and show the duality of it.

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dog diva

Dog Diva
photo shot for Amarillo Magazine

Here is a photo that was shot for the cover of Amarillo Magazine.  The issue was all about pets and this little lady was voted “cutest”.   Continue reading

we all live in a yellow submarine

Well, I had every intention of documenting this shoot more for a “behind the scenes” post.  Unfortunately, once the shoot came together I was short on time and manpower.  All my plans to get some video of the actual shoot got abandoned.  So here is a “kinda behind the scenes” post. Continue reading

the arts

Future of Arts in Amarillo

These photos were shot for the September cover story for Amarillo Magazine.  We had approximately 100 kids from various arts programs in Amarillo.  The programs included Lone Star Ballet, Amarillo Opera, Amarillo Youth Choir, Amarillo Little Theater and Amarillo Symphony.   Continue reading

the box

I have decided to try and do some behind the scenes kind of stuff for the one or two people who may actually be reading this and I figured this series was a pretty good place to start. Continue reading